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one of the best, because most simple and precise music videos brought to us lately. thanks to annalogue who posts a great muzak category:

und wer die ipod gadgets liebt und für sein/ihr designer-ego unentbehrlich findet, mag die kombination von beiden lieben. aber natürlich gibt es auch schon die verarschung dazu.

torturea fistful of euros currently posted a book review on torture condoned by the us administration:

(...) Administration of Torture starts with an intriguing introduction in which ACLU lawyers Jameel Jaffer and Amrit Singh build their case that the current US Administration did condone torture, that the abuse of prisoners was indeed systemic, that senior government officials, like Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, were personally involved, probably for the first time in US history, in determining which interrogation techniques were to be used and that those techniques were possibly illegal and even unconstitutional bordering on war crimes.

The text of the introduction in which these allegations are made, 52 pages long, is corroborated by over 300 footnotes pointing directly to official documents that are reproduced in the book over 374 pages. The true scope of the enormous investigative work done by Jaffer and Singh becomes clear when you know that over 100,000 of these official pages have been released to the ACLU and its partners under the Freedom of Information Act. (...)


photo by allessandro clemenza

yes, sauseschritt escaped the complete entropie in paris and could make it to vienna and turino. after two hours of useless waiting for the airfrance bus (which officially was NOT on strike) three South Corean girls and myself conquered a taxi to give us a ride to the airport.
paris followed me to central europe. in his cold, empty and very uncomfortable vienna appartment sauseschritt started to read geert maks book: in europe. travels through the twentieth century and found the following text on paris:

(...) In Paris, even the ordinary is often impressive. That applies particularly to the city´s public transportation system (...) Every detail speaks of the unparalleled feeling for quality: the automatic ticket system, the uniform prices, the clear signposting, the high frequency of departures, the seeming effortless, with which the trains rocket these thousands of people through the city. You rarely see anyone running for a train: the next one will be coming in two or three minutes. One seldom feels unsafe: there are always people around, every corner is put to good use. And only very rarely is one ever tempted to go by car: nothing can equal the speed, for example, of the RER connection between the EiffelTower and Versailles. And most amazing of all is that the system has been running exactly this way for many years, as though it is the most normal thing in the world. If you want to catch a glimpse of the future, you need only travel around Paris one afternoon (...)

well, not only that the gentleman writing this nonsense did not have any idea of the public transportation strikes of 2006 and 2007, he also seemed to be blank of any real time experiences in paris metro and rer. petite anglaise has, definitely!

and finally, sauseschritt remembers what happened on gare du nord this summer, when police fought black youngsters and blocked the station until late midnight:


photo by retlaw snellac

two reasons why sauseschritt does post this hints to explore the silk road: firstly, there is this chinese colleague, who lives in Europe and is so much interested to travel the silk road, and secondly: suseschritt will have to stay for some time there, in order to promote and complete a project of big 0. enjoy the fotos, but also the travel report on ferghana. AGB


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