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where would you like to live on this map?

albania is facing an unusual, if elusive, stumbling block to ever joining the european union: very few people there seem to know where they live. you can find this (slobby) attention raiser as the first sentence in an articel by remote_a askold krushelnycky titled where the streets (and towns) have no name: albania.
sauseschritt wishes to thank remote_a flaschenpost, a california based european weblog, for the post, which made him aware of the fact, that some of the citizens of our world are so much used to be identified by external tags and loose their right to exist, if they do NOT have these. well, sauseschritt strongly believes that albanians and their friends and relatives do know where they live. also other tagless citizens, who constitute the majority of people on our planet, do so. only tag - bearers seem to be puzzled that people without tags are able to exist. all of a sudden, with mr. krusheelnycky´s article, a whole country looses his right to live in europe ..........

diese sätze, die so einleuchtend erscheinen und die so unsere wahrnehmung dieser welt behindern ........

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