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f... the memesyes, sauseschritt has to confess finally: one did not read in the blogroll list for weeks. mea culpa, mea culpa! this is the reason, why this reply to remote_a ostracised´s demand comes so late.
furthermore, this is a cruel game: ostracised was victim of remote_a yorkshire ranter who was victim of remote_a chicken yoghurt who was victim of remote_a europhobia who was victim of remote_a cabalamat who was victim of remote_a nick barlow who was victim of siberian light etc. etc. the whole hardship was started by remote_a the pink bee, which we finally owe our mixed feelings for being the ONE to pass over this stick to the community on march 7, 2005.
anyway, sauseschritt assumes that something like remote_a blogiquette should be valid and will, though hesitantly, answer these questions, which again are spreading in the english speaking blog world like a virus. by the way, sauseschritt had to ask wikipedia remote_a about an explanation of the notion of meme. so here we go:

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?
einfach das hauff´sche märchen von remote_a zwerg nase !!!!!

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
aber sicher doch, und in allen bandbreiten geschlechtlicher irrungen: da waren tadzio (thomas mann remote_a tod in venedig) als sauseschritt 14 jahre war, remote_a nora in ibsens gleichnamigem theaterstück mit dreißig. erst kürzlich die ich-erzählerin in juli zehs [bosnienroman ....]. ach ......

The last book you bought is:
man/frau darf sich doch wohl auch ganz pragmatisch auf den urlaub vorbereiten, oder? deshalb die reunion - führer [eins ....] und [zwei ....]

The last book you read:
das berührende buch über die kinder des zweiten weltkrieges von [hilke lorenz ....].

What are you currently reading?
ein geschenk von e.: marambo, die sammlung der großartigen texte von remote_a paula köhlmeier.

Five books you would take to a desert island.
(1) the book I am currently writing (f.k. in indochine)
(2) die remote_a ästhetik des widerstands von peter weiss, um dieses endlich, endlich einmal fertigzulesen
(3) homers illyas: oh thalassos!!!!!
(4) das hauf´sche märchen von zwerg nase (siehe auch oben)
(5) ein buch über die lokale schöpfungsgeschichte derselben

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
so here it comes, the unavoidable: annoying some of my fellow bloggers - its part of the game. I would like to invite remote_a sodazitron, because she accompanied my blog from the very beginning, then remote_a quod scripsi, scripsi, because she/he writes a wonderful blog, which sauseschritt is visiting often though understanding seldomly (from the language point of view!). last but not least sauseschritt passes this stick to remote_a charming quark: she seems the perfect one to answer questions about books! sorry folks!

post scriptum: f... all memes

Liisa wrote on 2005.05.03, 13:26:
Hach! Auf dieses Meme hab ich als Buchliebhaberin schon sehnsüchtig geschaut und gewartet, ob mir nicht endlich mal jemand das Stöckchen zuwirft. Vielen Dank also! Und klar bin ich dabei 
Liisa wrote on 2005.05.03, 16:07:
Du kennst die Autorin des Buches "St. Petersburg weiße Nächte, dunkle Tage"?? Ich bin zutiefst beeindruckt! 
moncay antwortete am 2005.05.03, 16:51:
aber ja
doch .... maria ist eine ganz liebe! 
Liisa antwortete am 2005.05.03, 18:43:
is ja dolle! :) 
Quod wrote on 2005.05.04, 23:36:
Sorry, I must say - no!
Thank you very much for all the kind words your wrote about me/my blog (by the way it is "she") but I can not accept the stick. Eastetnia (//eastethnia.blogspot.com/) offered it a month or so ago, and I declined, so... I simply do not like this ... whatever you call it. 
moncay antwortete am 2005.05.05, 11:08:
I really
do understand ;-) 

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