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Like most of post-communist countries also modern EU - Bulgaria suffers greatly from its tradition segregating of persons with disabilities and disadvantages in specialized institutions. Since the fall of the iron curtain, progress has been made towards childrens rights as laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and those for Persons with Disabilities. Nevertheless, we still face nightmares on how disabled or disadvantaged persons are lacking their basic human rights. We still face the unbearable cycle of poverty, disability, social exclusion and accepting state policies. a BBC documentary gives evidence .... (88 minutes, free download)

couchmar darwin´s nighmare, the film by hubert sauper, could be justified by scene 5 only. elsa talks to the off (a male voice). she will be dead soon. Its a documentary.

I don´t know, but I will continue about my life.
(subitle: Elsa sells her nights fo fishpilots and businessmen. For 10 Dollars)
Cravij, Cravij, Cravij, yes.
(off: which airline is he from?)
he is a pilot captain, he is from the Ukraine, Russia.
My father is sicking, my father is sicking, my mother is accident,
yes, accident in the bus from dar-es_salaam to shinianga. dodooma - the bus is from Dar-es-Salaam, axccident in Dodooma. So my mother is dead.
but I am sorry, I speak English but is not very well
little bit. I don´t speak very well. I try.
(off: would you like to go to school, again?)
yes, I like because I need more educations.
(off: what would you like to do?)
I like a school about the computer.


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