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ted, a platform to spread ideas of global relevance brings to us talks and performances of politicians, experts and others, who are considered of having interesting ideas. only recently sauseschritt presented some research on the use of mobile phones.

this time sauseschritt wishes to continue with the climate change issue raised in his previous post. geo-engineering, risk control or moral hazard ? I agree with david keith, that we should talk about it widely and not leave it to those, who would not dare to discuss it democratically. how about commenting on it, dear readers?

(...) Environmental scientist David Keith talks about a cheap, effective, shocking solution to climate change: What if we injected a huge cloud of ash into the atmosphere, to deflect sunlight and heat? As an emergency measure to slow a melting ice cap, it could work. Keith discusses why it's a good idea, why it's a terrible one -- and who, despite the cost, might be tempted to use it (...)

kyoto photo by snorriax

as we are sure that international media will not report as widely as they should:

on 11 november 2007 around 150.000 people marched against their governments decision not to sign the kyoto protocol. this march and country wide protests were organised by walk against warming, which reports on its website:

(...) In 60 cities and towns across Australia, 150,000 people took part in Walk Against Warming events across the country to send a clear message to all political parties that not enough has been done to tackle climate change and that delaying further action until the next election will be too late to prevent its dangerous impacts (...)

the independant media center reports that:

(...) Like the USA, Australia has refused to sign the Kyoto protocol and has the second highest emissions on a per capita basis behind Luxembourg. Australia exceeded the United States for the average highest emitter per capita in the developed world between 1996 and 2005. Action on Climate change has become the most important issue in the Australian Federal Election with voting on November 24. The climate policies of both major Australian parties allow Australia’s emissions to continue to rise, despite scientific projections and warnings that Catastrophic Climate Change may be Inevitible unless Drastic Steps are Taken with Arctic Sea Ice already Heading for Rapid Disintegration and predictions of Disastrous Sea Level Rise (...)

and worldchanging has a very optimistic view on the willingness of australias´s population to deal with the problem:

(...) Apparently a vast majority of Australians support taking measures to cope with and combat global warming -- 92 percent according to a poll, the highest percentage of 17 countries studies -- as well as 69 percent favoring immediate action despite potentially high economic impacts (...)

anbei der ausschnitt einer werbeaussendung der hotelgruppe best western.
die verwendung des begriffs flüchtlinge scheint in das weihnachtskonzept zu passen. während weltweit flüchtlinge an den wohlstandsgrenzen wie tiere verenden, flüchten die wohlbestallten in eben jene räume, die von anderen verlassen werden mussten.
aber: sind wir nicht alle flüchtlinge, unstete, wanderer ? sind die unterschiede zwischen uns allen denn so gross, wie uns immer von globalisierungskritikern weisgemacht wird? sind wir nicht im grunde alle menschen? lasst uns, gerade zur adventzeit, wieder näher zueinander stehen! wir sitzen doch alle im selben boot, oder? AGB


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