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weird series

(....) inventing an entirely new kind of writing: the non-fiction novel (....) in the night of november 14 two men broke into a quiet farmhouse in kansas and murdered an entire family. why did they do that? two worlds exist in this country: the quiet conservative live and the life of these two men (....) the criminal violent. and those two worlds converge in this bloody night. I have spent the last three months to interview everyone touched by that violence. I have spent hours talking to the killers and I will spend more. just researching that work has changed my life. it has altered my point of view about almost everything. and I think those who read will be similarily affected (...)

sagt truman capote in dem gleichnamigen film. sauseschritt wiederum entdeckt, dass er sich mit zunehmendem alter immer mehr an den rand des in diesen gesellschaften akzeptablen begibt. er kann und will es sich leisten. insofern ist die person und das handeln dieses truman capote noch immer ein skandal und wird hoffentlich immer einer bleiben. kaltblütig, eben:

und sauseschritt hat nach diesem fim das erste mal in seinem leben tatsächlich gefühlt und verstanden, warum die frage nach täter und opfer alle angeht und moral ein entbehrliches apercu ist.

roayal de luxe

another example from facebook stupidities: the facebook group on sustainable sexuality. omfg!!!
undoubtedly its a great turn on, at least styro-girl's sexy request:

(...) Does anyone know where to recycle styrofoam? I have SO much of it and it says "please recycle", but all of the recycling bins at my apartment say "no styrofoam." It is drivng me mad!(...)

well, folks, careful, this is mature content. close the door, use headphones and pay attention!

fand sauseschritt hübsch, es ist der schräge tag heute. ach!


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