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on the occasion of our last visit to dushanbe, we were invited by k. to enjoy a wonderful dinner. she also invited a amazing dancer to enjoy all participants: tajiks, kazakhs, turkmens, kyrgyz, americans, british and austrians.

well, sauseschritt thought he should thank k. for the nice evening. and he also thought he should pay back: with some music from the asiatic caravan, a fusion of iranian, chinese, indian, arabic ond many other traditions. javid knows how to work it out. hope she likes it. thanks again, k.!

Asiatic Caravan

(...) Wie nützlich ist unsere Hilfe für Afrika? Wie verändert die Globalisierung Welt- und Selbstbilder? Eine afrikanische und eine deutsche Schrifstellerin schreiben sich Briefe und suchen nach Antworten (...)

ein schöner, langer briefwechsel in der zeit.

ted tells us (ENG, 16 minutes):

(...) Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase's investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the villages of Uganda to the insides of our pockets. Along the way, he's made some unexpected discoveries: about the novel ways illiterate people interface with their cellphones, or the role the cellphone can sometimes play in commerce, or the deep emotional bonds we all seem to share with our phones. And watch for his surefire trick to keep you from misplacing your keys (...)

(...) To make your blogroll effective, it must look like it more than just a long, laundry list of anyone and anybody you thought of linking to. It must not look like a link exchange list. It also must not look like a list of links to ads, like those “sponsor links” lists. Does this resemble a description of your blogroll? In order to make your blogroll effective, it must look sincere. It must look “chosen”. It must look like recommendations. Your recommendations. Your personal endorsement (...)

recommends the blog herald.

also, sauseschritt, ran ans werk und ihr da draussen und davon betroffenen, bitte nicht persönlich nehmen! AGB


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